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Maria Pablo is Filipino born, California raised professional photographer.  Maria began photographing at the age of 12, converted her bedroom into a photo studio where she photographed friends in school, thus a seedling was planted, (unknowingly).

Her curiosity of people and the inquisition of the meaning of life led her to live around the world.  After graduating from university with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, she moved to San Francisco where she began to question what's the purpose of my life?  This inquisition led her live in Italy & Mexico where she began "searching for a more meaningful life" that was fulfilling.  She invested her time going to Fashion & Art school, traveling, hiking the alps and learning Italian & Spanish.  Her passion for photography grew more and more, the camera as her tool allowed her to meet people and share their stories.  She not only developed her eye and artistry, she learned about herself and how to deeply connect with people.

After 3 years in Italy, she returned to California where she was mentored by the famous photographer Tony Corbell, under his tutelage for several years, Maria began to blossom as a photographer.  She has the innate ability to melt people’s fear of being in front of the camera and allow them to shine their beauty in front of her.  Maria intuitively captures people’s shining light.

Maria's mission is to give God's creation voice through impactful and inspiring  imagery.  She specializes in fine art portraiture with purpose.  She travels worldwide on assignment, connecting and visually telling people's compelling story.  10% proceeds are donated to charitable causes.  

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BNP Media, Croce's Park West, L U X E Design, Miss Canada, Miss USA, Orchestra Nova, Qualcomm, Remcon Design & Build, Sai Maa LLC, San Diego Chargers, The Auker Group, The Knot Stop, United Nations, US Doctors for Africa, Salish Cancer Center, Comerica Bank, TedX Donovan, This Time Foundation