Maria is a Filipino born artist and was raised in San Diego, CA, this photographer developed an enthusiasm for art at the age of six. Introduced to photography by her father at 12, she was captivated by the camera, and it has since become the transformative lens through which she crafts visual narratives. Graduating with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Art History from San Diego State University, she is currently pursuing a Masters in Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary. With over 15 years of professional photography experience, she has collaborated with the United Nations, Doctors for Africa, San Diego Chargers Foundation, Arc of San Diego, Salish Cancer Center, TEDx Talks, UCSD, MobileAds and various

businesses and entrepreneurs in the United States and Europe.

Curious about people and their relationship amongst each other and fascinated by the camera from an early age, she utilizes it to forge connections and delve into the personal stories of individuals. Approaching photography with a Biblical foundation, she seeks to convey the glory of God through visual storytelling. Additionally, she uses her talents to create impactful narratives that give voice to the voiceless. She is applying photography as art therapy in a psychoeducation group settings to assist in healing people with trauma. Also, by integrating faith and psychology, she weaves stories that inspire and connect. She values serving others with love, connection, and kindness.